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We love helping passionate and curious people create beautiful, meaningful landscapes.

Landscapology is a Brisbane-based design studio specialising in bespoke landscape and garden design.

We work with home owners to create memorable outdoor living spaces, and with industry clients to deliver the public realm for residential, parkland, heritage and community projects. 


Image courtesy State Library of Queensland.

Image courtesy State Library of Queensland.


Now for the non-boring version...

Amalie grew up in a coastal cane-farming city. Her dad was a draughtsman, custodian of a printing machine that glowed purple at night, amongst other treasures. Her mum was (and still is) the curator of a vast collection of foliage plants, now accompanied by a growing range of succulents. With such a pedigree it was inevitable that Amalie would pursue first architecture and then landscape architecture.

For the past decade Amalie has lived in a heritage-listed building with cantankerous plumbing in inner Brisbane. It is a constant test of her imagination to increase the amount of arable land available six metres above ground.

When not speaking in the third person Amalie is dead keen on lino printmaking, films, cooking, eating, napping, reading, and travelling. 





But most of all I love being able to use my design skills to help other people achieve their vision.


Amalie Wright

Amalie is a passionate designer, committed to achieving positive change through good design. As a landscape architect, urban designer and architect she brings a broad perspective to private and public realm projects. Over the past 18 years she has worked across many project types and scales, from public art and furniture, to residential developments and parklands, resort hotels, commercial precincts and transport infrastructure.

In 2012 Amalie established Landscapology, a design studio specialising in bespoke landscape and integrated architectural design. She is particularly interested in exploring notions of beauty, detail, journey and delight.

In 2007 Amalie won the mecu travel Bursary, awarded by Queensland's Centre for Subtropical Design. She travelled to Colombia to observe the changing role of city parks, and was subsequently commissioned by CSIRO Publishing to develop Future Park: imagining tomorrow’s urban parks. It shows how cities, councils and communities have responded with innovative thinking to the challenges of delivering high quality parks and people places, as land in our cities comes under increasing pressure.

In addition to her practice Amalie tutors in landscape and architecture design at the Queensland University of Technology, regularly mentors candidates and sits on the assessment panels for landscape architectural registration in Queensland. She is a member of national CPD and Honours Committees and sits on the National Council (Board) of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.