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How We Can Work Together

Everyone’s needs are different.

Engaging a consultant can be challenging. It can be hard to know if someone’s going to work in the way that suits you.

We tailor our response to suit where you are and what you need. Below are three common consultancy options to get you started.

The design process for home and garden projects is typically broken up into stages.

Designers, builders and councils refer to these stages using particular terms common to the industry.

The guide below outlines some of the commonly used terms you could encounter in an Australian design project.

Our Approach to Your Project

Our process is personal and immersive: we go on this journey together.

We all contribute to the design process, and it's our shared passion and commitment that helps achieve the best results.

For Landscapology it’s critical to unlock the stories of your site.

Through understanding its history, physical condition, change and evolution, and your aspirations for the future, we can craft a design solution that deeply embeds your project in its place and in your life.

To help interpret your vision and communicate our ideas we use a range of techniques, including extensive hand drawing and model making.


Commonly Used Terms

Understanding some of the terms used by councils, designers and builders on a typical project in Queensland. Download here.

Kindly note that if you're using an older system or have slowcoach internet these may take a minute or two to load.

Common Consultancy Options

Whether you just want some initial concepts or you know you want the whole box and dice, here are some common ways the design consultancy process can be set up to best suit your needs. Download here.



What is landscape architecture?

Well, how long have you got! We believe the landscape is every part of our planet with which humans have had some interaction. That includes the biggest cities to the remotest part of Antarctica that a plane flies over. Landscape architecture looks at the complex relationships between systems, both 'natural' and 'humanmade'.

Our profession is exciting because it incorporates so many aspects, influences and components, including history, culture, ecology, horticulture, water management, sustainability, space, light, art, beauty, delight, and structure, all overlaid with the ephemeral nature of time. How fascinating to work on projects where you know you will never live to see the outcome as you imagined it.

Landscape architects also work across many scales, from small courtyards and gardens, up to city parks, transport infrastructure, river catchments, and regional and even country-wide strategies.

For those of us who work on public projects there is the honour of working on the public realm. This is the part of our cities and towns to which everyone has access: our streets, squares, parks and plazas.

The public realm is the most democratic part of our cities: you can't walk into every building in your city and move around freely, but you can walk freely in any part of the public realm.

For those of us who work on residential projects, we are privileged to help our clients create a very personal sanctuary. It is a special opportunity to work so closely with the people who will engage with our work every day for years to come.

We believe landscape architecture is one of the most exciting and rewarding professions imaginable, and we love sharing our passion and using our skills to help others achieve their landscape vision.

More questions?

Contact us using the details here and we'll get back to you with 24 hours.

Do you design gardens?

Yes. Landscapology offers design consultancy services to private home owners as well as industry clients.

I only have a courtyard that I want to improve. Is that too small?

Not at all. Even the smallest courtyard can be reinvented as a beautiful place where you’ll love spending time.

I’ve already had an architect design my house renovations, but there are a few things that will need looking at as part of the garden design. Is that something you can do?

Absolutely. Amalie Wright is registered as both an architect and a landscape architect, so we can offer both services.

I have a green thumb and really want to do all the planting myself. Is that possible?

Yes. When we get to the end of the design phases we just make sure that buying the plants and planting them is excluded from the construction contract.

I really want someone to look after all the design for my house and garden, rather than having two separate consultants. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Amalie Wright is registered as both an architect and a landscape architect, so we can offer both services.

I know I eventually want to do something with my entire property, but I only have a certain amount of funding available at the moment for design fees and construction. Can we do things over time?

Yes, of course. Both the design process and the construction works can be staged. If this is your intention we would usually start with a master planning process, to make sure all your long-term requirements are accommodated and you’re not doing any redundant work along the way.


Experience & Collaboration

Her previous project experience includes the following:

  • New General Purpose Buildings, USC, Gympie and Sippy Downs
  • Queensland Police Academy, Brisbane
  • Blackwater Town Centre Park, Blackwater
  • Gold Coast Rapid Transit Stage 2 Corridor Study, Gold Coast
  • QUT Creative Industries Precinct Stage 2, Brisbane
  • Queensland Childrens Hospital Academic Research Facility, Brisbane
  • Logan Central Draft Master Plan and Urban Design Strategy, Logan
  • Hilton at Surfers, Gold Coast
  • Caxton-Roma Pedestrian Bridge, Brisbane
  • Tennyson Riverside Development, Brisbane
  • Ephraim Island, Gold Coast
  • Woorabinda Pool, Woorabinda
  • Darwin State Square Master Plan, Darwin

Prior to establishing this practice, Landscapology Director Amalie Wright held senior and leadership roles in international design firms EDAW and HASSELL.

Amalie has worked with and delivered projects for major clients including:

  • Healthy Waterways
  • Lend Lease
  • The University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Mirvac
  • Brookfield Multiplex
  • Leighton Contractors
  • Logan City Council
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Queensland Government


Useful Information

The Water by Design program at Healthy Waterways provides training, guidelines and other initiatives to support water sensitive urban design principles.

The Asia Pacific Design Library, located within the State Library of Queensland, is a dedicated collection and space for sharing design knowledge.

The American Society of Landscape Architects provides a continually updated list of resources about the health benefits of access to nature.

In the UK, the Landscape Institute published Public Health and Landscape: creating healthy places. 

In Australia, a comprehensive suite of reports and resources can be found on the 202020 Vision website