"...a refreshing design which escapes from traditional approaches to private garden design associated with character housing, yet accommodates a range of uses and activities in a tightly resolved design structure."

Queensland AILA Awards Jury Citation.

"...an engaging and influential project that exemplifies the fusion of art and science.  The collaborative, environment-up focus of converting a 1.6 km concrete drain back to a functioning waterway is a stellar example of how landscape architecture can make a difference... [through] fostering community engagement and understanding the site’s natural systems..."

Queensland AILA Awards Jury Citation.

"This exceptional publication is an inspiring and thoughtful exploration of contemporary park and public realm design...The author's personal style accompanied by the charming and accessible illustrations make accessible and entertaining the often esoteric discussion of our profession."

Queensland AILA Awards Jury Citation.


"An intriguing interior, which the jury found to be utterly delightful and skilfully conceived, a wonderful cabinet of curiosities."

National AIA Awards Jury Citation.

"...an exquisitely crafted jewellery box tucked underneath heritage-listed Craigston. It is simultaneously able to unpack [and re-pack] the requirements of a commercial office, guest accommodation and delightful pastimes effortlessly. Inventive detailing eloquently reinforces rich materiality and historical significance, leaving nothing unconsidered."

Queensland AIA Awards Jury Citation.

"Broad sustainability research provides a productive framework...strengthened through a strong programmatic and built relationship with the universities, and...realised through an attractive campus of buildings with well-connected public spaces."

RAH Open Ideas Competition Longlist Selection Panel.


" I wanted a garden with specific ‘rooms’, so that whatever space I was in, it would feel purposefully designed and I was there for a specific reason. Now that it’s finished I love sitting and looking at it. I totally forget that I’m in the middle of the city. I love the herb garden. The only problem is that every time I come out to get a herb, I get distracted with the different plants and then I get back into the kitchen and realise I’ve forgotten the basil! "

"We have a space now that we love and use and appreciate everyday...Thank-you for coming to our rescue!"

"Landscapology always delivered milestones above expectations and on-time.  As one of 'those' people who likes to be involved in the process, Landscapology made me feel included and valued.  I have complete confidence in the quality and timeliness of the work, the adaptability and creativity in changing situations,  and commitment to great outcomes."