Twenty Minutes in Spring Hill

A ramble round the back streets

As our month exploring Spring Hill draws to a close there are still so many wonderful things left to discover.

So instead of trying to rush around and cram everything in, I set out from the studio for a twenty minute stroll.  Amongst the sights were these reminders of the things I love about Spring Hill.


The city skyline may loom large overhead but there is still a goodly amount of ramshackle in Spring Hill. I don't know about you, but I find something reassuring about a suburb that’s a bit (a lot!) ‘lived in’.

History lessons

Garden and landscape fads can be easily tracked. From the amazing acalypha tapestry hedge in the old part of Roma Street Parkland;

to the palms and ixoras of the 80s apartments;

the grasses of the noughties;

and the recent street tree planting that embraces the local kauri and hoop pines, it’s all here.

Of course, you can easily do this same exercise with Spring Hill's architecture, but that's another story...


The more you look the more climbers you see. Bougainvillea is the star, going gangbusters over rooftops, fences and trees.

Some of our climbers are kept well in check.

Others are a little more free-spirited.

But the fact that all this botanical exuberance is just quietly going on, and getting along, just minutes from the centre of the city, contributes to Spring Hill being such a fun place to hang out. Come and visit some time!