RISE - A New Challenge

Recently, Amalie joined an international team working on an action-research program at the intersections of health, environment, and water and sanitation.


Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environment (RISE) is trialling a new water sensitive approach to water and sanitation management in 24 informal settlements across Makassar, Indonesia and Suva, Fiji.

Working with communities, governments, local leaders and partner institutions, RISE is co-designing location-specific solutions that integrate green infrastructure, such as constructed wetlands, to strengthen the whole-of-life water and sanitation cycle.

Underpinned by the emerging discipline of ‘planetary health’, RISE success will be measured by the health and well-being of residents – particularly children under five years of age – and the ecological diversity of the surrounding environment.

Following our Small Creek project, this is an incredible opportunity to develop and test nature-based solutions in a different type of urban context - informal settlements.

The ability to design and implement a built intervention then monitor its impact over time, will provide rigorous data, something not usually available in conventional consultancy project.

Amalie is part of Objective 1, one of five in the program.

The key output from this objective is the implementation of water sensitive revitalisation of informal settlements through co-design processes, reflecting varying community aspirations and site contexts.


Landscapology has a number of existing contracted commissions which we are completing, however whilst RISE Objective 1’s work is underway will not be taking on any new project work.

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