A Latte With Your Lettuce

The Delights of Perth City Farm

Few things are lovelier than the sun forcing its way between cold, wet clouds to light up a bed of plump vegetables. Just thinking about it takes me back to my final morning on the west coast recently, and an early visit to the Perth City Farm.

Twenty years young this year, the City Farm was founded by Men of the Trees (MOTT) in association with the Planetary Action Network.

In the ensuing years, volunteers (such as Bob) have transformed a former railside industrial site on the eastern fringe of Perth CBD into a thriving community garden.

A café just inside the front gate serves up a damn fine breakfast, making it a perfect pit stop to build your strength until the farm itself opens. A constant stream of local workers, residents, and commuter coming from the train and bus outside keep the coffee machine working hard.

A couple of loopy, stone planters occupy the central courtyard, with an assortment of seats dotted around.

At the start of the cooler months the planters were still chockers, with an eclectic collection including citrus, culinary herbs, geraniums, and companion plants like rue and wormwood.

This group of tubs contain a 'Grow Bed' system. Fish live in one tank, producing nutrient rich water, which then irrigates the plants in the other tank.

Just past the grow beds lurks a veritable extravaganza of salad greens.

Behind the greens are a couple of very contented chooks and roosters.

And behind these beauties lies the City Farm proper.

City Farm is full of moments of delight and inspiration. 

Unfortunately the timing of our flight meant we couldn’t linger longer in this lovely paradise, but it will definitely be on the agenda for next time we are in Perth.



Perth City Farm is located at City Farm Place, East Perth. Contacts, transport details, and opening hours are on the website.