City Skills: how to garden when you don't have any ground

I love cities.

I love the richness and diversity, the buzz and energy, and the all-round opportunity they offer.

I also love that some of the most spectacular botanic gardens and popular public parks are also to be found in cities, a blessing for those us who choose to live and work there.

Sometimes though, having a park down the road, or across town, is not enough. Even with all the benefits that closeness and density bring, we still want to be able to look out and see plants outside our own window, or cut herbs or flowers from our own supply.

Here is a small collection showing how residents and business owners, community groups and even councils, seemingly without access to the ground, have carved out spaces for gardens. 

For those of you who are city-rich and land-poor, I hope these have been inspirational.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon for more from the wonderful world of gardens, landscape and design.